Pro 11 performance CBD rub

Pro-11 Targets Athletic Performance with CBD-Enriched Muscle Rub

Mar 8, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • One World Products, Inc. (OWP) and Kx Family Care unveil Pro-11, a high-performance CBD muscle rub, co-founded by Stephen Marley and backed by NBA legend Isiah Thomas.
  • The partnership reflects a $400,000 strategic investment by Kx Family Care in OWP to boost production capabilities within the Bogota Free Trade Zone, Colombia.
  • Pro-11 is designed for athletes. It offers rapid absorption and deep muscle penetration without a greasy residue, enhancing pre-game preparation and recovery.
  • The product debuted at the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend and will be available Direct-to-Consumer on March 15, 2024, with plans for select retail distribution later in the year.
  • Kx Family Care, established by Stephen Marley, emphasizes natural and sustainable personal care products, while OWP is known for its licensed hemp and cannabis production.

Pro-11: Bridging Natural Wellness and Athletic Performance

One World Products, Inc., in collaboration with Kx Family Care, has introduced Pro-11, a CBD-enriched muscle rub. This product, co-founded by 8-time Grammy winner Stephen Marley and NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, is the result of a partnership that combines the benefits of the cannabis plant with the rigorous demands of professional sports.

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Per a news release, Pro-11 is crafted with premium CBD, essential oils, and natural extracts to support the physical demands of active and professional lifestyles. Its formulation ensures rapid absorption and deep muscle penetration, providing athletes with a non-greasy pre-game preparation and recovery solution.

Strategic Investment and Global Expansion

A $400,000 strategic investment from Kx Family Care further solidifies the collaboration between OWP and Kx Family Care. This investment will enhance OWP's production capabilities within the Bogota Free Trade Zone, enabling the company to meet the increasing demand for its products and solidify its position in the global market.

What We Think

The launch of Pro-11 embodies the shared vision of Stephen Marley and Isiah Thomas, integrating the natural healing properties of the cannabis plant with the performance needs of athletes. The product's introduction at the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend signifies its alignment with professional sports' highest standards, offering a testament to its efficacy and innovation.

The launch of Pro-11 CBD-Enriched Performance Muscle Rub by One World Products (OWP), in partnership with Kx Family Care, spearheaded by Stephen Marley, marks a significant development in the sports wellness sector. This collaboration leverages the wellness ethos of the Marley family with the sports industry insights of NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, offering a product that embodies the fusion of natural wellness and athletic performance.

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Kx Family Care's strategic investment of $400,000 in OWP underscores a mutual commitment to expanding operations and enhancing production capabilities, particularly within the Bogota Free Trade Zone in Colombia. Thus, OWP is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for CBD-enriched wellness products.

However, the financial performance and market valuation of OWP have faced challenges, as indicated by the recent stock price movement to 0.0523 USD, marking a decrease of 6.61%. This decline reflects broader market trends and investor sentiments, highlighting the volatility inherent in the cannabis and hemp sectors. Moreover, the 28.50% increase in stock price over the past month suggests a potential rebound or correction, potentially influenced by new product launches or strategic initiatives.

[Image by One World Products, Inc.]