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High Tide Achieves $1.965 Million in Sales During 4/20 Celebrations

Apr 24, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • High Tide Inc. recorded CAD $1.965 million in total sales on April 20, 2024, a 35% increase from the previous week.
  • E-commerce sales surged by 119% compared to the previous Saturday, driven by heavy discounts.
  • The company celebrated with a car giveaway, highlighting community engagement. The winner was an ELITE member from the first Canna Cabana store.
  • This 4/20 was notably the first celebrated legally in Germany and potentially the last under the U.S.'s Schedule I classification.

Detailed Report on High Tide's 4/20 Performance

Comprehensive Sales Increase Across Retail Channels

High Tide Inc. achieved significant sales growth during the 4/20 celebrations, with CAD 1.965 million in sales, representing a 35% increase from the previous week, per a news release. The company's e-commerce platforms experienced a 119% jump in sales due to strategic promotions on sites like and

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Growth in Brick-and-Mortar and Strategic Expansion

The company's brick-and-mortar stores in Canada saw a 30% increase in sales. This growth is part of High Tide's broader strategy, which includes a selective real estate approach and innovative offerings such as ELITE and Cabana Club memberships, helping to boost store performance.

Community Engagement and Legal Milestones

High Tide's annual car giveaway on 4/20 engaged and rewarded community members, with this year's winner being an ELITE member from the first Canna Cabana store. The 2024 celebration was significant as it coincided with the first legal 4/20 in Germany and possibly the last in the U.S. under the Schedule I classification.

Why We Care

High Tide Inc.'s report of approximately $2 million in sales on April 20, 2024, shows significant trends within the cannabis industry. The date, popularly celebrated as "4/20," is emblematic of cannabis culture and saw a notable 35% increase in week-over-week retail sales. This peak in sales highlights effective retail and digital strategies during key consumer demand periods.

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Sales Performance Insights

  • The breakdown of sales increases—30% in Canadian brick-and-mortar stores and 119% across e-commerce platforms—reflects the ongoing relevance of physical retail and the explosive growth of online sales in the cannabis sector.
  • According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, retail e-commerce sales in the United States are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, rising from approximately $470 billion in 2021 to more than $560 billion in 2025; this just goes to show the rapid scope of selling online.

Strategic and Regulatory Implications

High Tide's approaches, such as its Fastendr retail technology and membership models, indicate evolving consumer behavior and global acceptance of cannabis. Its strategy combines physical presence with online reach, suggesting a scalable model for the industry.

High Tide's performance also reflects broader regulatory and cultural shifts, such as legalization in Germany and potential changes in the U.S., which boost market expansion and consumer confidence.