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Verano Launches Cabbage Club: A Nationwide Membership Model in Cannabis Retail

Mar 23, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Verano Holdings Corp. introduces Cabbage Club™, the first nationwide cannabis membership model. It offers exclusive benefits to members, including store credits, merchandise, and early product access.
  • Initially launched in New Jersey and Illinois, the program is set to expand across Verano's 13-state footprint, which currently includes 138 dispensaries.
  • Membership levels vary, with options for annual dues starting from $149, each promising more in annual cash value benefits than the cost of the membership itself.
  • Cabbage Club aims to disrupt the conventional cannabis retail experience by providing a community-centric, members-only experience.
  • For a limited time, cannabis enthusiasts can join as Founding Members at a discounted rate through the club's official website.

New Club for Cannabis Regulars

Verano Holdings Corp., a multi-state cannabis company, announced in a news release that it has launched its Cabbage Club, a national membership club in the cannabis industry.

This model aims to transform cannabis retail by offering a unique, members-only experience that rewards loyal customers with exclusive benefits. 

Cabbage Club sets itself apart by challenging the conventional retail model in the cannabis industry. The club provides members monthly store credits, seasonal coupons, members-only merchandise, early access to new product launches, VIP event access, and more.

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Membership Benefits and Levels

Cabbage Club offers membership tiers, including Dime Membership at $149 annually, Quarter Membership at $249, and the invite-only Silver Dollar Club.

Each tier ensures members receive value far exceeding their annual dues through store credits, coupons, and exclusive perks.

This tiered approach allows consumers to choose the level that best suits their needs while enjoying a range of benefits tailored to enhance their cannabis lifestyle.

Strategic Expansion

Starting in New Jersey and Illinois, two of the largest cannabis markets in the United States, Verano plans to extend the Cabbage Club across its extensive network of dispensaries. This expansion aims to leverage the company's existing footprint to deliver an innovative retail concept nationwide, enriching the cannabis community's experience.

Community-Centric Approach

David Spreckman, Verano's Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the importance of creating a retail concept beyond transactions to build connections and community among cannabis enthusiasts. Cabbage Club represents a significant step towards realizing this vision, offering a platform where like-minded individuals can enjoy shared experiences and benefits.

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"Observing the sea of sameness across the cannabis retail landscape, we are thrilled to have created an unprecedented and innovative retail concept that disrupts the status quo with an exclusive, members-only experience for a community of passionate cannabis consumers," Spreckman said in the release.

"As legal regulated cannabis becomes increasingly accessible to more Americans every year, it's clear that to many of the cannabis community's core consumers, a dispensary is more than just a place to grab their favorite products; it's a space where connections are made, and like-minds come together," Spreckman added.

"To honor that dedication, we're proud to bring this game-changing concept to market and can't wait to welcome Cabbage Club members at our Zen Leaf and MÜV dispensaries across the nation," Spreckman stated.

Why We Care

The concept of a cannabis membership club isn't entirely new; however, Verano's approach of offering a nationwide, multi-tiered membership program is a first of its kind, demonstrating a strategic move to differentiate itself within a competitive landscape. Such a model not only capitalizes on the increasing demand for cannabis products but also taps into the growing trend of personalized retail experiences, offering exclusive benefits beyond traditional loyalty programs.

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The competitive cannabis retail industry is witnessing similar innovative approaches to capturing and retaining customers. For instance, High Tide's establishment as North America's first cannabis discount club retailer with over 245,000 members highlights the industry's shift towards value-focused strategies and community building. 

Verano's launch of Cabbage Club and High Tide's discount club initiative reflects a strategic response to the evolving consumer expectations and regulatory environment within the cannabis industry. As these companies strive to provide unique and compelling value propositions, they enhance their competitive edge and contribute to the normalization and professionalization of cannabis retail. This trend indicates the industry's maturation, where innovation, customer engagement, and strategic differentiation become critical drivers of growth and market expansion.

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