CBD Dispensaries

There are very few CBD dispensaries that are strictly dedicated to the sale and distribution of cannabidiol to the exclusion of other cannabis products. Since many CBD products can be purchased in-store in a variety of chains and locations - CBD isn’t legally prohibited on the federal level like THC is - there isn’t much of a need for CBD-only products.

However, many cannabis dispensaries, i.e. those that sell and distribute the intoxicating kind of cannabis products with which many of us are familiar, often offer CBD products. If you’re interested in obtaining specific kinds of CBD products, you should definitely call your local cannabis dispensary - medical or recreational - and inquire about the availability of CBD, particularly “high CBD,” products.

Online Dispensaries

There are a ton of online CBD dispensaries that you can choose from. Of course, you’ll need to select one carefully since it’s a rapidly growing industry with more than its fair share of shady operators. Your best bet is to find one in your own state with a good shipping policy and select only the product you need. That way you’re not dealing with interstate commerce and the regulations that go with it. Also, do your best to pick a reputable brand - preferably one that’s been around for a while - with good word-of-mouth.

Dispensaries with High CBD Products

Dispensaries with high CBD products are a little bit tougher to find than your typical CBD vendors. Dispensary CBD oil is often made up of relatively low concentrations of CBD that you can also find in your local pharmacy or grocery store. Some, however, offer high-CBD products that deliver more of the active ingredient per dose, which some maintain has more medicinal, recreational, or therapeutic benefits than low-dose CBD. These claims have not been fully evaluated by the FDA.