Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

Great care must be taken when you engage in marketing for dispensaries or cannabis companies. Not only might you be subject to municipal, state, and federal regulations and legislation governing the sale and advertising of intoxicants generally, you may also be subject to rules and laws that regulate the activities of cannabis sellers specifically.

Many states have passed restrictive cannabis advertising laws that prohibit how, when, and where you may market cannabis products. Some of these rules affect only medical cannabis advertising, while others impact recreational dispensaries and vendors, as well.

Cannabis Advertising Laws

As noted, cannabis advertising laws can come in the municipal, state, or federal variety. These laws can be further complicated when you consider that some marketing for dispensaries crosses state lines via the web or social media. And while cannabis advertising companies may be able to assist you in determining the most effective and legal ways to market your wares, you should always seek out the benefit of competent legal counsel before advertising cannabis in any way, shape, or form.

Cannabis Advertising Companies

Cannabis advertising companies are firms that specialize in navigating the one-of-a-kind legislative tangle that governs the marketing of cannabis companies and cannabis products. These companies offer marketing and, sometimes, legal advice about how, when, and where to market your cannabis products or business.

Because each state has a unique combination of local- and state-level legislation and regulation, each with unique impacts on the medical and recreational markets, you should look for a firm based in your state - or, even better, one based in your city - that’s familiar with the local regulatory and legislative regime. You should also ensure that the cannabis advertising company you choose has experience dealing with your type of cannabis business, whether that’s a medical dispensary, recreational shop, or both.